Developer Resources

Integrating DoppelMe Avatar Images

You can integrate DoppelMe avatars within your own website or application without any coding. All you need is the DoppelMe Id of the avatar you wish to show.

You can tailor the final avatar size, background and theme to fit within the style of your website.

Integrating The DoppelMe Avatar Creator

You can integrate the DoppelMe Avatar Creator seamlessly within your website or application with very minimal coding. We provide

This allows your users to create and edit their avatars directly from within your application. You can style the creator to ensure it

You can limit which items are made available to your users and/or rename items to suit your needs. You can choose different avatar styles and add default clothing too.

Custom Coding

We provide an API that allows you to have even more control over avatar generation. The possibilities are endless, but common use cases include awarding your users items or unlocking items as a reward or achievement milestone.

If you need new functionality that isn't currently available, just let us know and we can try to accommodate in the API.

Custom Assets

If you require custom artwork for your avatars, or even entirely new avatar body styles we can do this for you. Please contact us with details of what you need and we try to help.


Download the latest version of the SDK library, code examples and other snippets we think you might find useful.

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